3d panorama

Creating 360 3D Panorama, 3d Animation and Virtual Tours.

3D panorama is a modern imaging tool that is one step ahead when compared with an actual photographic picture. One of its distinct feature is its spherical panorama ability which makes it possible to rotate an image from left to right or even bring a picture nearer and at the same time dispose it far ahead.

In addition to the above, 3D panorama has an observation angle of 360х180 degrees. This makes it possible to use the computer mouse to rotate an image as much as you want without turning your head around.

Other features of 3D panorama are audio or texts maintenance, fixed photographs and video clips, active hyperlinks, screen tips, etc. Constant development and improvement of programming tools for creating 3D panoramas makes them the most popular and powerful means presentation in advertising and other commercial purposes of real estate properties.

You can rotate 3D panorama with the help of a computer mouse (as a rule only pressing or hold down the left button) or using menu buttons if the interface provides it.

Why do we need interactive 360 degrees panoramas?

360 degrees panorama is the most realistic way of exploring buildings such as houses and flats, hotels and restaurants, cafés, concert and conference halls, galleries, museums, magazines, and also open air premises, such as Jewellery ensembles, landscape design’s compositions, sighting attractions and other places.

In contrast to video and standard photographs, 3D panorama is highly interactive. You can rotate images as you wanting with intermittent stops to examine details of different components, to get extra information, activate or deactivate the sound. The quality of 3D panorama is better than high-resolution video as it gives you an opportunity to approximate and examine the minutest details of an image.

Any site with information in 3d spherical panorama or virtual tour is perceived to be more advanced and inviting to visitors.

The most popular 3D panorama format is flash files whose extension “.swf”. It is very easy to put panoramas with such format on a website, blog or interactive presentation. “.swf” files can be opened separately with the help of a free program Adobe flash player or in your preferred web browser.

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